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From the decaying roots of Finnish folk tradition, Akkajee channels echoes of danger and ecstasy. With an unconventional lineup of string instruments, wires and junk, they offer powerful visuals for the inner eye and stimuli for the sixth sense. The music ranges from whispers to howls, causing goosebumps that leave the listener unsure whether it's fear or delight.

Akkajee, chosen as the Folk Music Creator of the Year 2022, has performed on various stages in Finland and abroad over its more than a decade-long history. The band's second album 'Lastenkerääjä' was released in 2021 and has received praise internationally. Currently, the duo is preparing a new album set to be released in  2025.

Meriheini Luoto

nyckelharpa, vocals, toys & electronics

Iida Savolainen

viola, vocals, odds and ends & electronics



+358 40 821 0580 (Iida)


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